Nations across the world have cheered the seven billionth babies into the world with much excitement. However, the ageing population is a cause of worry for some of them and they are turning no stones unturned to deal with the problem.

The major issue with most of the European nations is the ageing of their workforce. Most of the countries, including Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and the UK are adopting numerous measures to deal with this issue.

Increasing the productivity of the employees, raising the retirement age past sixty (normal retirement age in most of the European nations), a pro immigration policy are already under consideration by many governments.

On the other hand, the move has invited anger and displeasure among the youth population of these nations. Worries of worsening of the unemployment situation and the fear of demographic imbalances created by the relaxed immigration policies are already playing with the emotions of the people.

West Europe is witnessing a sweeping protest against these policies of the governments and making their decision a bit difficult to implement. The dependant population in these countries is on the rise and the resultant economic slowdown is already happening in this countries.

The economic growth in India and China are attributed to its burgeoning youth population. According to a study published in Strategy & Business, the global young population would slide to 19.6 percent and the older population would be 16.2 percent by the year 2050.