Fans of Lucie Jones are all praises for the songstress following her "flawless" performance at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The 26-year-old songstress and model mesmerised her fans with an emotional ballad of Never Give Up On You.

After leaving Kyiv, Ukraine, where the contest was held, the former 2009 X Factor contestant said that she will "never give up" on her fans as she sang her heart out and improved upon Britain's last year's ranking at the competition.

"That. Was. Incredible. -UNBELIEVABLE FEELING!- Celebrate diversity folks. I will NEVER give up on you," she told her fans on Instagram.

Her fans told her how amazing she was even tough she came in at 15th spot with Portugal's Salvador Sobral, 27, clinching the win with his ballad Amar Pelos Dois. Last year, UK had come 24th with duo Joe and Jake's song You're Not Alone.

"I WAS CRY Lucie !! You are AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU QUEEEEENNNNNNNN," one fan said, while another added, "YOU WERE A STAR!! I HOPE YOU WIN GIRL."

"You smashed it , so so good , gave me chills , love you," a fan said. While another fan continued, "Finally. A uk performance to be proud of." Another "Flawless!!!!"

It seems like Jones was already prepared for the worst at the contest as she had earlier told The Sun she has adopted a "s**t happens" attitude.

"I mean, if I get 'nul points', well, s**t happens," Jones told The Sun. "I was favourite to win the X Factor and then I got kicked out to Jedward."

She told The Telegraph, "I just don't want to come last, really. If we get no points I'll be disappointed, but anything else is going to be a win." "All I've got to do is not go on and fall flat on my face, and hit a bum note."

Jones also spoke of her nerves and said, "It is. It's unfathomably big, actually. Even in the arena it's very daunting. You can't really think about that, really."

"You've just got to do what you've prepped and do it to the best of your ability. Everything else is kind of out of your hands. You've got to do what you do very well, I suppose," she added.

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