A four-year-old boy from Chicago has managed to read 100 books in just one day, while his parents streamed the feat on Facebook Live.

Caleb Green tackled the mountain of books on 10 December, and every time he cracked 10 books he would do a little dance for the camera. Thousands of people tuned in to watch Caleb reach his goal. There had been a slight obstacle as Caleb's parents did not have enough books. Luckily, neighbours weighed in with more reading material.

Speaking to ABC7, Caleb said he wanted to be more like his sister. "I like to read and I want to be smart like my sister." He already has big plans for the future. "I want to be a basketball player, and when I'm 22 I want to be an astronaut and when I'm 23 I want to be a Ninja Turtle."

His favourite books are about dogs and ninja turtles.

His dad, Sylus, was sceptical at first. "I was like, 100 son? That's a lot of books. I had the gut reaction to talk him down a bit, but then he said no, I want to do 100." After seeing Caleb reach his goal, Sylus said he wants to follow suit. "I learned to just dream bigger. I'm going to try and set an unrealistic goal to finish this year."

If you have about three hours free, you can watch the full video here:

Whoa this is crazy!!! Caleb wants to read 100 books today! Here we go!!! Help cheer him on!!!! #calebreads100

Posted by Sylus Green on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Viewers were quick to throw their support behind Caleb.