Recent days have seen a sharp escalation in the cutting rhetoric between Donald Trump and North Korea. But this confrontation has been percolating for several months.

Since winning the election in November 2016, Trump has made it clear that he would vigorously protect America and prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

Looking back at the timeline of Trump's tweets and statements, one can see an upward ratcheting of the aggressive language he has aimed at Pyongyang.

January 2017

Just weeks before entering the White House, Trump issued his first warning to North Korea. His first tweet ended up being ignored , the state ended up developing nuclear weapons.

March 2017

Trump tried to work with China in the early weeks of his presidency to help control North Korea. He got on well with China's President Xi, until he stopped getting things his own way.

April 2017

After getting exasperated with China, Trump said bluntly that he would sort out North Korea with or without their help.

June 2017

A sharp rise in missile tests lead many to think that a new tactic was needed. Trump agreed saying that the "era of strategic patience was over".

July 2017

Another missile test and fresh sanctions were set to be brought in by the US Congress as well as the UN.

8 August 2017

News broke that North Korea had miniaturised a nuclear warhead which it could target at the US. This provoked an ad libbed and dramatic verbal threat on Pyongyang, where he warned that any attack would be replied with "fire and fury".

Donald Trump warns North Korea will be met with 'fire and fury' if threats continue Newsweek US

10 August 2017

North Korea subsequently retaliated with a threat to attack the US Pacific territory of Guam. Trump warned that North Korea should be "very, very nervous" if they tried any form of assault.

Donald Trump says North Korea should be 'very, very nervous' Reuters

11 August 2017

Trump again took to Twitter to issue his most recent warning. He tweeted that the US was "locked and loaded" in anticipation for any form of attack.