Following the conclusion of last weekend's Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring, Team Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen decided to stick around to have some fun with their drivers around the legendary track. In a video shared by Formula One, former F1 world champion Kimi Raikkonen could be seen giving his current teammate, Antonio Giovinazzi, a completely petrifying ride around the circuit.

The video of the spectacular lap was posted on the official Formula One YouTube channel. "Kimi gave @Anto_Giovinazzi plenty of scary moments as they drove around Nordschleife's 'Green Hell'," F1 tweeted.

Yes, we had (a lot of) fun!👌🏻

— Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN (@alfaromeoracing) October 16, 2020

The "fun ride" was meant to be a small feature where Giovinazzi would ask the "Iceman" a series of 23 questions that the Finn should answer as they drove around the lap. The pair got into an emerald green Alfa Romeo Giulia with Raikkonen behind the wheel. The Italian sat shotgun with a stack of questions in his hand.

As soon as Raikkonen pulled into the track, Giovinazzi became evidently nervous. He kept asking about a strange sound and his teammate made fun of him because it was only the helicopter that was following them around the track. Soon, Raikkonen started to turn into some fast corners and Giovinazzi was hilariously clutching the edges of his seat. "It's okay," assured the Iceman.

Raikkonen had to remind the his teammate to start asking questions because the Italian was too nervous to think. "Stay and watch the race after you get a DNF or take the first flight out of there?" he asks. Raikkonen pretends not to hear and Giovinazzi could be seen visibly struggling to read the question written on the card on his hand.

Kimi finally replies that he would take the first flight. Giovinazzi manages to ask three more questions while struggling to keep his wits about him. All the while, Raikkonen is clearly teasing him by driving even faster. Finally, Giovinazzi sees the end of the lap and starts shouting, "Kimi, box! box!"

In the end, the teammates swap places and Giovinazzi tries to retaliate but Raikkonen was cool as a cucumber having a "nice Sunday drive." It was a rare glimpse into the personality of the Iceman, who is often just a man of few words.

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