Some of the leading names in the fashion and art industry, including Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes and Mary Katrantzou, have designed their own giant eggs for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt event.

Over 200 eggs designed by the couture giants will be placed strategically in different corners across the UK. Starting Feb.12, 2012, entrants will have around 40 days and nights to hunt and find as many eggs as possible.

"Over 200 uniquely crafted eggs created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers will be displayed in central London. Join the hunt and journey through the city, picking up exciting clues along the way for a truly original and interactive Easter experience. Collect your map or download your app, gather your family and friends and get cracking, with a range of clues to suit even the savviest of Sherlocks," mentions the official Fabergé site about the much-anticipated egg hunt.

Once the hunt is over, the uniquely crafted eggs will be available for purchase at three specially arranged auctions. All the proceeds from the event will be used for funding "Action for Children," a leading childen's charity and "Elephant Family," a small but ambitious charity for the endangered Asian elephant.

According to Forbes, the jewel in the crown of this auction will be an exclusively designed jewelled egg pendant by Fabergé, in collaboration with Nicky Haslam. Apart from this, the event is also reportedly an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest Easter egg hunt.

Fabergé eggs are bejewelled creations by the luxury brand, most of which are miniature eggs decorated with combinations of enamel and gem stones. The Fabergé egg has become a symbol of luxury, and the eggs are regarded as masterpieces of the jeweller's art.

The upcoming egg hunt also serves as a promotion for their recently opened boutique. It's for the first time in a nearly a century that Fabergé has a store in London.