London's famous black cab will soon be a regular sight on the streets of Perth, West Australia (WA), as a specially modified version gets the go-ahead for a trial period.

The white version, painted to reflect Perth's piercing sunshine, will also have air-conditioning to handle the summer temperatures that regularly hit over 40 degrees celsius.

When asked when the taxis will hit the road, organisers declined to give an exact date but said a four-year trial will begin "soon", to see how Australia's taxi passengers and drivers react to a purpose-built cab, rather the saloon cars that they are used to.

The Western Australia (WA) Department of Transport said the London cab can carry five passengers and has a safety screen to protect drivers. It can also carry a wheelchair and has a number of accessibility features, including induction hearing loop, high-visibility markers for the visually-impaired and a swivel seat for passengers with mobility issues.

The WA Transport Minister, Troy Buswell, said 50 London cabs would be licensed initially but another 50 could soon follow.

"These cabs are synonymous with I think the taxi industry internationally. My advice is that Perth will be the first Australian capital that has made a significant effort to attract them onto our streets and I think they'll be extremely successful," said Buswell.

The new taxi trial will run for four years and will evaluate the advantages of using these vehicles, as well as consumer, taxi driver and taxi operator feedback.

If the trial goes well, more cabs will be ordered, with the Australian state of Victoria expected to be the next, local media said.

Presented by Adam Justice