Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel on Tuesday (September 10) unveiled the new Infiniti concept car 'Q30' at the 65th International car show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Infiniti is the luxury segment of Japanese car maker Nissan, which was tested by Vettel. "Well obviously if you look at the outside shell of the car in terms of design it was more or less done, but obviously it was about testing the car, giving some feedbacks. So I drove the car in Japan and I was happy with some things, not so happy with others. We fine-tuned in the end the steering, something like breakpedal feel, and general handling, with is more or less what I do in my dayjob, just give some feedback on how the car feels, where we need some improvement and obviously it takes a little bit longer at a road car, but it was a nice process and all the things that didn't work, were fixed," explained Vettel at the presentation of the car.

Vettel's fourth title is fast approaching with the German now 53 points clear of second placed Alonso with seven races, worth a total of 175 points, still to be won.

The 26-year-old has won half of the races this season and, ominously for his rivals, the last two in Belgium and Italy were supposed to be his weakest - with team principal Christian Horner going so far as to call them Red Bull's "Achilles heel". The next four are Singapore, South Korea, Japanand India and Vettel won all of them last year.

Electric mobility and the "networked vehicle" are the focus of this year's IAA, which opened to media on Tuesday morning (September 10) with up to 159 new car models on display.

Beside electric cars customers seem to be interested mainly in small gas guzzling four-wheel drives, research from the CAR-institute says.

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