Facebook's two-minute-long video of the "year in review" feature has a scene erroneously described as a crumbling building in the Nepal earthquake. The clip is actually of a building falling apart in Egypt.

The year in review video has been compiled by using a mix of still images and video clips. It is meant to give Facebook users a visual tour of all the major events that occurred in 2015. Focusing on incidents that made it big on social media, the video includes clips of the Paris attacks, the Pluto fly-by, the migration crisis, global political highlights as well as sports success stories like the Merryweather versus Pacquiao boxing match.

One video clip shows a building, supposedly in Nepal, crumbling as a result of the earthquake. The clip was first reported to have come into the spotlight after the earthquake earlier in the year, when it appeared on various social media platforms. Upon further review, however, a team of verifiers from the BBC noted that the building was actually located in Egypt and not in Nepal.

The aberration was first pointed out by Omayma el Zulafi, a journalist with the BBC's User Generated Content verification hub. Zulafi made a note of the error when the video first started doing the rounds in April after the earthquake. He said: "There's a shot [in the full version] showing an Arabic sign and you can see an Egyptian policeman. If you listen carefully you can hear an Egyptian Arabic accent."

This is not the only fake image to appear during the time of the earthquake. There was another video clip showing a swimming pool, supposedly in a hotel in Nepal affected by the earthquake. This clip too was reported as fake. The pool was actually located in Mexico. The BBC claims to have informed Facebook about the Nepal and Egypt mix-up. The social networking service says it is looking into it.