Facebook has acquired facial recognition startup FacioMetrics too add some 'fun effects' to its photos and videos. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Facebook has acquired yet another facial recognition startup to boost its photo and video capabilities. Launched by Carnegie Mellon students in 2015, the startup has specialised in developing computer vision and machine learning algorithms for facial image analysis in mobile apps.

"We started FacioMetrics to respond to the increasing interest and demand for facial image analysis - with all kinds of applications including augmented/virtual reality, animation, audience reaction measurement and others," founder and CEO Fernando De la Torre wrote in a post on the startup's website.

"Over time, we have successfully developed and integrated this cutting-edge technology into battery friendly and efficient mobile applications, and also created new applications of this technology."

The startup created an app called Intraface that could detect and recognize seven different emotions including anger, fear, sadness and disgust in people's faces in real-time. However, the app has already been removed from app stores.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed in the post.

"How people share and communicate is changing and things like masks and other effects allow people to express themselves in fun and creative ways," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to VentureBeat. "We're excited to welcome the Faciometrics team who will help bring more fun effects to photos and videos and build even more engaging sharing experiences on Facebook."

Last week, Facebook introduced its new deep learning software dubbed Caffe2go that allows users to apply Prisma-like artistic filters to live video streams.

In March, the social media giant bought Masquerade Technologies, the creators of the popular face-swapping app MSQRD that allows users to overlay playful, animated filters over their selfies in an effort to enhance their video capabilities.

"We're taking a big step forward by joining the team at Facebook, where we'll be able to advance our work at an incredible scale, reaching people from across the globe," De la Torre wrote.