Facebook Germany vandalised
A group of vandals targeted Facebook's German HQ by smashing windows and spray-painting walls. AFP

Facebook's German headquarters was targeted by a group of vandals who smashed windows, threw paint bombs and graffitied the words "Facebook dislike" onto the walls. The attack on the offices of the social network in Hamburg is being investigated, with Facebook's alleged failure to remove racist hate speech on its site a possible motive.

According to a report from Reuters a group of 15-20 people carried out the vandalism wearing black clothes and hoods in an overnight attack. Nobody was injured, said the police statement, but they could not confirm a motive for the act.

However, with the European head of Facebook under investigation in Germany over its alleged failure to take down racist hate speech from German politicians and celebrities on the rise of immigration, it may be more than coincidental.

As Reuters reports, Facebook denied to comment on the investigation but did release in a statement that "we can say that the allegations lack merit and there has been no violation of German law by Facebook or its employees."

Martin Ott, the managing director for Europe, is the man being held responsible for the allegations and is based at the Hamburg offices. Police continue investigate the incident further and hope to reveal the attackers and the true motive.