Chuck Mosley
Chuck Mosley in the video for We Care A Lot Screengrab

Chuck Mosley, the former lead singer of Faith No More whose short spell with the band in no way diminished his influence over the group's catalogue and the fusion of rap and hard rock as a musical genre, has died. He was 57.

Mosley joined Faith No More in 1985, ending a frontman roundabout of vocalists for the group that at one point even included Courtney Love. He provided distinctively out-of-tune vocals for the band's first two studio albums, 1985's We Care A Lot and 1987's Introduce Yourself.

Having battled addiction, he was fired from the group in 1988 following a fractious tour of Europe that included on-stage fights with fellow bandmember Billy Gould. Mosley would go on to play with hardcore punk icons Bad Brains, as well as working on his own side-projects Cement and UVA.

Mosley wasn't shy about taking credit for being the progenitor of rap/hard-rock fusion, and its eventually development into the genre of nu-metal. Speaking earlier this year, he said: "I would say I am the originator. Some will argue and say the Chili Peppers, and I will say, "No, that was funk." Some will say the Beastie Boys, and I'll say, "No, they were playing punk rock, then they started playing the beats, then they started playing the rock."

His enduring contribution to pop culture will forever be Faith No More's anti-protest song We Care A Lot. The song's "oh it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it" chorus is frequently used on TV, in movies and at sporting events.