Actor Toby Kebbell -- who plays Victor Domashev/Doctor Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four -- sparked some level of outrage among fans last year when he teased that the popular villain will be portrayed as a computer hacker of sorts. However, in his latest interview, the actor clarifies things but reveals some more dramatic shifts from the source material.

According to Kebbell, Victor will be shown as a bright, young computer technician who is very close to Dr Storm - Johnny (Human Torch) and Sue's (The Invisible Woman) father.

"There's no conversation about [Doom's origins] in the film. We don't have time to talk about me - I would love it, but we don't have real time. Yeah, he's still from the same place, his mother is still a gypsy and done her deals, his father still perished..." Kebbell told SuperHeroHype.

"He's an angry dude. But now he's in Baxter [Baxter Building]. He's bright and he's trying to make people proud. He found a new father in Dr. Storm, the father of Johnny and adoptive father of Sue. I kind of get adopted as well... And that's Doom as we see him. He's a computer technician, a computer scientist. There were rumors he was a hacker or something, but no. Victor Von Doom is who we hope he will be."

Looks like the young actor is stressing more on elements of his character that are closer to the comic books than the part which is not. Doctor Doom being so close to the Storms is definitely a new take on the character. It remains to be seen how this storyline of "the good adopted son gone bad" eventually plays out in the film.

Directed by Josh Trank, The Fantastic Four reboot stars Miles Teller as Mr Fantastic, Michael B Jordan as the Human Torch, Kate Mara as The Invisible Woman, and Jamie Bell as the Thing. The film is scheduled for release on 7 August 2015.