Fast and Furious 8 plot
Vin Diesel 's upcoming Fast and Furious sequel will be based on the streets of New York Vin Diesel/Universal Studios

After making box office records with Furious 7, which offered a perfect send-off to deceased actor Paul Walker, Fast and Furious 8 is back on track with an expectation to break more box office records in 2017.

Produced by Universal Studios, the production announcement of the action thriller franchise may have spilled the beans about the plot. Keeping its globe tottering traditions alive, car-racing action project Fast 8 has kick-started filming in Cuba. But a post shared by actor Vin Diesel, who also produces the movie, has hinted that fans of Dominic Toretto may get to see his Cuban links as the movie proceeds.

"The channelling of Dom begins here in Cuba," Diesel captioned one of his Instagram videos while announcing the shooting for the eighth sequel. Dom, an elite street racer and ex-convict, has been the backbone of the Fast series and is known as a loving and caring person by his family and friends. It will be interesting to how he will face the looming danger in the form of a new antagonist, which will be played by Oscar-winner Charlize Theron.

The channeling of Dom begins here in Cuba. Gracias por todo mi Gente! @fgarygray #F8

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"Right now I'm with my director F. Gary Grey. We worked together maybe 17 years ago. And we're in a place that nobody ever thought would be possible. We are in Havana, Cuba. And you can see how beautiful it is, with all these beautiful people. They didn't think it could be done. And we're here, we're doing it. And there is a lot of love here. And we're just really proud to be here, man. This is paradise. We're in Cuba, where the Torettos started. It's Fast 8. It's Dom Toretto here. Back in his home, home, homeland! And Gary is about to rip it."

Michelle Rodriguez (Leticia "Letty" Ortiz) has already shared filming details about the Felix Gary Gray-helmed movie. Tyrese Gibson, Jason Statham and Kurt Russell will return to reprise their roles in the movie.

The sequel will narrate another adventurous mission of Dom and his crew but this time, they will miss Brain O'Conner. Speculations are high that the Shaw brothers — Deckard and Owen Shaw — will return to the franchise in order to give a tough time to Diesel's character. Fast 8 is slated to premiere on 14 April 2017.