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A man in Ohio has admitted to shooting his 27-year-old daughter dead over an argument started because she came home after midnight. 64-year-old Jamal Mansour pleased guilty to involuntary manslaughter and felonious assault. He was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Assistant County Prosecutor Andrew Rogalski told Judge Nancy Margaret Russo that there had been tension between Mansour and his daughter Tahani Mansour, the youngest of seven children. Mansour previously pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated murder.

Rogalski said Tahani had to keep a month-long relationship with a non-Muslim secret from her father. "She was worried about what would happen if he found out," Rogalski told the court, according to a report from cleveland.com

After visiting Jerusalem for a month in 2016, Mansour discovered that Tahani had not stayed at the family home during his absence, the prosecutor said.

Soon after his return, the father and daughter got into a heated argument when Tahani came home after midnight one evening.

Mansour reportedly told authorities that he was thinking: "If she doesn't respect me, then she'll respect this." He then took up a gun which he kept for making large deposits at the bank. Tahani suffered shots to the back of the head and side of her face, later dying during emergency brain surgery.

Defense Attorney Angelo Lonardo said that Mansour had been an "ideal father" who worked hard for his children, running a series of gas stations in Northeast Ohio. Mansour had not faced previous allegations of abuse against his children and did not have a criminal record.

Video showed Mansour tearful during the court appearance and saying he hoped his family could forgive him, blowing them a kiss as he left the courtroom. "I miss her so much. I wish I was the one that was dead," cleveland.com reported him saying.