US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday (8 September) to tweet about the deadly Hurricane Irma barreling towards Florida, urging residents to seek shelter or evacuate safely. Trump also assured American citizens that Washington was ready and prepared to respond to the hurricane's expected destructive blow and impact.

"Hurricane Irma is of epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we have ever seen," Trump tweeted. "Be safe and get out of its way, if possible. Federal G is ready!"

Twitter, on the other hand, erupted with a slew of hilarious memes, comments and even rap lyrics in response to Trump's apparent reference to the federal government as "Federal G."

While many joked that Trump had unveiled the nation's newest rapper, other users pointed out some of the president's earlier bewildering tweets about "Easy D" and the infamous "covfefe".

"Is that a rapper?" comedian Danny Wallace tweeted while one person speculated that it's "Covfefe's brother."

"I really loved Federal G's first album but thought his more recent one was a little meh," one person tweeted.

Another wrote: "Federal G, the long-forgotten '80s FBI mascot, is a hip llama in a trench and fedora who teaches kids how to snitch."