A female soldier is accused of sexually assaulting her heterosexual colleague in a bid to make her gay. Getty Images

A female soldier is alleged to have sexually assaulted her drunk female heterosexual colleague on the evening of 6 March 2015 in a bid to "make her gay". Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop "sexually targeted" the colleague and took her back to a room at the Leconfield Barracks in Yorkshire when she was drunk, a court martial heard.

L/C Heslop allegedly abused the female colleague's drunk state to "fulfill her objective". After taking her to a room, she took off the soldier's knickers. She later boasted about the one-hour sexual experience. The victim who denies the sex was consensual said she woke up in pain and found L/C Heslop "between her legs". The unidentified victim told the Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire that she was left feeling "shocked and confused".

The victim said she went out with L/C Heslop and some other colleagues to make new friends. According to the allegations, L/C Heslop inquired with her if she gets very drunk. "I remember waking up to a pain. I was asleep, passed out asleep ... I had my vest and jacket still on. I did not have the bottom half of my clothes on," said the victim, reported The Telegraph.

"I lay in shock. I did not know what was happening, I didn't know what was going on. Heslop was on the end of the bed. I think she said 'I have got to go' and then left. I didn't say anything back to her." Prosecuting Lieutenant Colonel David Phillips said it can be asserted that the accused is "attracted to female soldiers" and targeted the victim.

"The evening involved drinking games and soldiers drinking shots of various alcoholic drinks ... After taking her back to barracks, the accused took her to her room. There the accused used this opportunity to fulfil her objective of 'scoring'. She removed the victim's lower garments, including her knickers. She did not remove any of her own," said L/C Phillips.

Earlier, a soldier, identified as Mark Kelly was sentenced to 19 years in jail for repeatedly raping a six-year-old girl at the Wiltshire barracks. The 32-year-old soldier reportedly lured the child with M&M sweets before carrying out the sexual acts. "You took the opportunity to abuse her in a vile and depraved way, and perverted way, that the jury has heard about. Nobody could fail to notice as she gave her evidence her extreme innocence and you have taken that away from her," said Judge Tim Mousley QC.