There is just one word to sum up the look for Fendi's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection at the Milan Fashion Week and that is "Fur".

The Italian fashion label once again displayed its long-term love affair with furs in their new "tribal warrior meet high street" collection thereby presenting a unique combination of feminism, voluminous creations and designer elegance.

From earthy tones to vibrant yellow shades; Fendi women presented an intriguing blend of shades accessorized with thick belts to create a tough armored look.

Although the collection has a resilient look, it was not without feminine touches like puffed sleeves and pleated skirts.

According to the Washington Post, the collection's accents were both old-fashioned and modern. A violet blue tailored woolen coat featured balloon shoulders that finished in long sleeves, while two-toned Victorian tie or button-up ankle boots, worn with ripped tights, completed most outfits. To keep it contemporary, there also were square IPad cases carried by handles.

The luxury label mainly opted for earthy monochromatic shades like brown and black with additional peacock and mustard hues. From rimmed cat glasses to double braids, take a look at Fendi's Autumn/Winter collection at the 2012 Milan Fashion Week below: