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The launch of a Ferrari is always a very special moment. The gleaming scarlet bodywork... the rumble of a handcrafted Italian engine... the seductive aroma of tailored leather seats... it all makes for a very heady experience!

To fuel that passion, Ferrari has unveiled its latest model - the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - which the people behind the prancing horse claim is the most powerful road car ever produced by the Italians.

If their claim and data is correct, the F12 Berlinetta accelerates to a stunning top speed of over 340kph (211mph) and travels from zero to 60mph in just about three seconds. The beast powering this beauty is a 6.3 liter V12 engine with 740bhp.

The company also claims their new car has a lower and more rearward center of gravity with a redesigned suspension and gearbox; apparently 54 percent of the weight rests over the rear tires, which should make it a very entertaining proposition to drive.

Detailed specifications and information on the car is to be found at the F12 Berlinetta Web site.

The car will be shown to the public, for the first time, at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Meanwhile, start the slideshow to check out a few early glimpses of Ferrari's latest thoroughbred!