The amount of new financial service vacancies in London jumped by 52% to 4,100 in May 2015 compared to the same month the year before, a study by recruitment firm Astbury Marsden showed.

Astbury Marsden said that the FICC (fixed income, commodities and currencies) desks saw the biggest increase.

"Revenues are growing in certain areas of FICC, and the increased positivity on the trading floor is creating more opportunities for specialists in these areas than we have seen for some time," Astbury Marsden managing director Adam Jackson said in a press release.

The amount of City jobs created in May was only up slightly from April, as overall, the UK job market saw an increase as well.

The bonds and currency markets have picked up over the last months, which created jobs in the City, and the Merger and Acquisition market hit an astonishing $1.3tn (£850bn, €1.17tn).

The press release published along with the study read: "While acquisitions of UK targets have been subdued by uncertainty around the outcome of the General Election, deals previously put on hold are now expected to be progressed."

Overall, City jobs are expected to experience an on-going increase, due to the economic recovery and active markets.

Jackson also said that digital developments continue to attribute to a rise in jobs: "On the technology side, demand for Big Data experts is strong. Strengthening cybersecurity teams remains an important focus, especially as more and more data exchange with customers is conducted via the cloud."