Luis Figo
Luis Figo has withdrawn from the Fifa presidential election Getty

Luis Figo made an official statement on Thursday 21 May to withdraw from the Fifa presidential election race, suggesting the process is designed to favour Sepp Blatter.

The former Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan star has joined Dutch soccer federation president Michael van Praag, who also pulled out of the 29 May elections only hours previous.

With David Ginola and Fifa executive Jerome Champagne having dropped out of the race earlier in 2015, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan is the only candidate who will take on Blatter in a bid for the presidency.

Figo explained his decision in a statement to the Associated Press. He said: "This electoral process is anything but an election. This process is a plebiscite for the delivery of absolute power to one man – something I refuse to go along with.

"That is why, after a personal reflection and sharing views with two other candidates in this process, I believe that what is going to happen on 29 May in Zurich is not a normal electoral act. And because it is not, don't count on me."

The Portuguese legend was thankful for the support he has received in his bid to dethrone Blatter become the new president. He said: "I give my warmest thanks to everyone, because I want it to be clear that they are not the election committee and it is not they who want Fifa to become weaker and weaker.

"For my part, I will abide by the ideas I leave written and have circulated. I am firm in my desire to take an active part in the regeneration of Fifa and I will be available for it whenever it is proven to me that we are not living under a dictatorship.

"I do not fear the ballot box, but I will not go along with nor will I give my consent to a process which will end on 29 May and from which soccer will not emerge the winner. My decision is made, I will not stand in what is being called an election for the Fifa presidency."