Guillermo Ochoa
Mexico's goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa acknowledges the crowd after their 2014 World Cup Group A football match against Brazil Reuters

Statistics say it all. The Fifa World Cup 2014 is apparently the most 'social' world cup of all time. Reports say the term World Cup has already received over 19 million social media mentions across 196 countries since June 2013.

Be it lavish praises or harsh criticisms, the social networking sites have taken the fan experience to a whole new level.

While the shocking exit of Spanish soccer team filled the internet with cruel jokes, flying Dutchman Robin van Persie's outstanding goal and Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa's amazing defence generated some of the most interesting memes.

Spain's humbling defeat at the hands of Chile trended the internet with #SpainvsChile and Twitter was flooded with a wave of scathing memes.

Meanwhile, Mexico's Guillermo Ochoa became an overnight sensation after his stunning performance helped Mexico deny Brazil in a goal-less match.

The 28-year-old goal keeper's performance earned his country a 0-0 draw. Soon after the match, the internet was flooded with jokes that compared him with Superman, Hulk and Lord of the Ring's Gandalf.

Flying Dutchman Robin van Persie's exceptional diving header became an instant craze among football fans and the hash tag '#VanPersieing' has been trending for days.

Persie's quick flying dive devastated Spain's world cup dream and gave Holland an edge over other countries.