Jennifer Lopez
Pitbull at the world cup opening ceremony. AFP / Getty Images

The FIFA world cup has kicked off with a colourful and vibrant opening ceremony which saw some power packed performance by rock star Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian pop sensation Claudia Leitte along with Pitbull.

The pop trio performed the world cup 2014 anther 'We are One', however this was let down by poor sound quality.

American rapper Pitbull stole the show with his "diaper pants" - probably the oddest outfit of the evening. There were comments a plenty about his choice of bright, white high-riser pantalon.

By contrast, people dressed as grass, flowers, trees and even football-human hybrids seemed par for the course.

The "Give Me Every Thing" singer's choice of trouser triggered hilarious reactions across social media websites.

"Pitbull stole JLo's pants." - for example.

Here are some similar slurs.