Fifty Shades Freed
Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Grey in Fifty Shades Freed Universal Pictures

Universal Studios released the new trailer for Fifty Shades Free on 6 November, offering a glimpse of how Anastasia and Christian Grey settle in to their lives as newlyweds. Despite the shared last name, new palatial home and international honeymoon, the sexual relationship remains the same, with blindfolds, restraints and those faded jeans.

Based on the third book on the EL James trilogy, the film sees Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) adjusting to her new live as the wife of a wealthy man. "I just can't believe this is my life... that I get to live with you," she mentions while the scene shifts from that of a private jet, to an ornately decorated palace before showing the two enjoying time on a jet ski and swimming in pristine blue waters.

Obviously things are not going to be that simple, and soon enough, Arielle Kebbel steps in to play the architect, who openly flirts with Christian (Jamie Dornan) while showing them plans for their new home.

"Please stop speaking to my husband as if I weren't here," Anastasia says after she witnesses the woman constantly touching her husband suggestively.

This is still not the biggest threat to their marriage as immediately after we see Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), her former editor making a comeback to threaten Anastasia. Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger) also returns and may be the reason for Mrs Grey's insecurity. "Did you sleep with her?" she asks Christian.

The drama in the trailer is interspersed with a number of sex scenes, in a foam-filled bathtub, in the red room, blindfolded and strapped down until the tagline finally screams out: "Don't Miss the Climax".

Fifty Shades Freed follows Fifty Shades Darker (2017) and Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) and will hit cinemas in the UK and US on 9 February, 2018.