British Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced plans to set up a new film academy in the UK, to "train the next generation of film makers".

The venture, led by the British Film Institute, will focus more on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and look to encourage them to enter the world of films.

The academy will work with schools, colleges and industry to identify and develop young film-makers and film professionals with exceptional levels of creative talent, technical skills, commitment and tenacity, according to a report on 4rfv .

The proposed academy will receive £3 million in funds from the Depratment of education; this will be divided over three years.

The 4rfv report also said that the academy would operate throughout the year and hold classes on Saturdays and on evenings, in local centres, catering to 5,000 young people. This is expected to be followed by an elite residential film-making course for 200 young people, who will be taught the technical, curatorial, business and marketing skills necessary for a successful career in films.

"This project should provide opportunities to young people who might otherwise miss out," Gove was quoted as saying by the BBC.