Russian cosmonauts have captured an up-close view of outer space in the first-ever 360-degree video of a spacewalk.

The video clip produced jointly by Russian space agency Roscosmos, news outlet RT and spacecraft manufacturer Energia shows cosmonauts Sergey Ryazansky and Fyodor Yurchikhin conducting maintenance tasks outside the International Space station and deploying tiny satellites into the cosmos.

The 3.5-minute footage, according to RT News, was captured during a seven-and-half-hour spacewalk performed in August. It gives a complete panoramic view of everything around the cosmonauts, including the space station, cosmos, and our planet Earth.

In the video, the ISS looks pretty detailed and the cosmonauts can be seen working and tossing three of the five nano-satellites they launched that time.

Two of these satellites, named Tanyusha, were built by students in Kursk, while the third, Sputnik-like TS530-Zerkalo, is taking measurements in low Earth orbit.

Meanwhile, the picturesque view of Earth can be seen along with the orbit of the space station. It is also worth noting that the video speeds up towards the end showing.

Watch the entire extravehicular activity here:

This video will be best viewed in a VR handset or a mobile device, where you won't have to click around to see the breathtaking scenes from different angles. The footage was first premiered at a VR theatre in Moscow earlier this week (October 3) during a special event commemorating the launch of Sputnik-1– Earth's first artificial satellite.