Jaguar I-Pace production car testing
First shot of a camouflaged Jaguar I-Pace shows the production car will share a lot of the concept's design Jaguar Land Rover

These are the first photos to surface of the production version of Jaguar's upcoming I-Pace electric car. Revealed as a concept at the Los Angeles motor show in 2016, the car seen here shows just how close the car going on sale in 2018 will look to its concept sibling.

Camouflage goes some way to disguising the car's sharp - and there's no way to tell what details might be hidden underneath the green and black body wrap - but the general shape is very similar to the star of the LA show back in November.

Photographed at what looks like the UK's Millbrook Proving Ground, the car's front bumper and air intakes have undergone a fair amount of cosmetic work, with the lower grille reduced in size and the two side vents disappearing entirely.

However, that could be just how this development car is set up, and the final version will see these details reinstated. We will find out for sure when the production-ready I-Pace is revealed later in 2017.

According to the DVLA, the car seen here is in fact black under the camouflage, was first registered on UK roads in February, and is fully electric.

Jaguar has retained the I-Pace's 'cab-forward' design which takes advantage of the lack of an engine to reduce overhangs at the front (and rear), and stretching the cabin to the edges of the car. The car spotted testing appears to have a regular roof rather than the huge panoramic glass sunroof of the concept car, but again this could either just be covered, or changed before it goes on sale in early 2018.

Jaguar I-Pace Concept
For comparison, here is the I-Pace Concept recently driving in London Jaguar Land Rover

When revealed in 2016, Jaguar said the I-Pace will blend sports car performance with the space and practicality of a sports utility vehicle. A 90kWh battery pack sends power to all four wheels via an electric motor on each axle; Jaguar claims the I-Pace produces almost 400 horsepower and can reach 60mph in "around four seconds". Range is a claimed 500km (310 miles).

Jaguar is pitching the I-Pace at the booming mid-size SUV sector of the market, an area it will likely share with the Tesla Model Y, which will be built on the chassis of the Model 3, according to Tesla boss Elon Musk.

Ian Callum, director of design at Jaguar, said in LA: "The I-Pace Concept represents the next generation of electric vehicle design. It's a dramatic, future-facing cab-forward design with a beautiful interior – the product of authentic Jaguar DNA, electric technology and contemporary craftsmanship."

Callum went on to explain how, as is starting to be shown, the I-Pace Concept was in fact close to reality. "This isn't just a concept. It is a preview of a five-seat production car that will be on the road in 2018. This will be Jaguar's first-ever battery-powered electric vehicle and opens a new chapter in the history of our legendary brand."