I hate the idea of gendered voting. The notion that women should vote as a bloc, or that Hillary Clinton by virtue of having a vagina – is qualified to become the leader of the free world, is ludicrous. Yet unfortunately, during this election season, we have been bombarded with videos of older ladies crying because they voted for a female president, and constant reminders that "Hillary is going to burst through the glass ceiling".

On the reverse side of this, Donald Trump is apparently a terrible candidate because he said "mean things about women." These ideas are simply myths that really need to be dispelled.

1. Women need a reality check

With respect to the alleged "sexist" comments that came from Mr Trump, I am often told that it is therefore impossible for him to be a good candidate for women voters to choose. How could I possibly defend this monster?

Trump's big, brash personality is exactly what America needs. He can be harsh and unnecessarily crude, but his extroverted personality with no time for niceties is the personality type of people who tell the truth. Right now, America needs a good, hard slap in the face to wake itself up from its progressive nightmare.

I don't want to be crushed under the legislative boot of legitimate sexists who see me as lesser value to others because I have breasts, but I also sure as hell don't want to be given special treatment because people believe I'm "too weak" to achieve things on my own.

Trump turned the whole game around this election by treating women the same as men. People cried sexism when he commented on Carly Fiorina's looks, yet those same people seem to have forgotten his bashing of Rand Paul. More accusations came from the left when he told a female intern for Jeb Bush at a campaign rally that if he employed her she would be paid the same "if you do as good a job" i.e. equal pay for equal work! Trump was one of the only presidential candidates who had enough respect for women to legitimately treat them the same.

2. Clinton's policies are bad for women

US election 2016
27 October 2016: US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reacts as US First Lady Michelle Obama speaks during a campaign rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Jewel Samad/ AFP

Moving on to Clinton, her policies are highly impractical. In the "Women's Rights and Opportunity" section of her website, Clinton promises that she will increase minimum wage, enhance social security and create affordable care for families.

She forgets that the US is a country that is constantly failing to meet budget, has around $20trn in debt and is allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants who demand social services to cross the border. Without a strong and comprehensive immigration system, any welfare state is bound to slowly collapse.

Moreover, in Germany and Sweden, there have been several instances of sexual assault against women, reportedly by migrants.

Right now Americans are not being put first, they are being put last. It's American men and women that are footing the bill of a social system that has become unsustainable for themselves.

Trump is the only one calling for regulated immigration so that this prosperous and culturally egalitarian America can be alive and healthy for all Americans. Moreover, Trump has called for six weeks of mandatory paid maternity leave and expanded tax credits for childcare, something that progressives and feminists have been pushing for for decades. With controlled immigration these promises can be made possible.

3. Hillary was never a friend to women

Hillary Clinton loves to throw around the "woman card" all the time. Just like Justin Trudeau, arguing for a gender-neutral cabinet "because it's 2016", Hillary's only justification for anything is "because I'm a woman." Mrs Clinton is just so pro-women because she loves welfare and abortion – what else would any self-respecting woman need to consider during election season?

Perhaps that she was a defence attorney in her younger years who reportedly helped a convicted child molester get off with merely one year of jail time – by accusing his 12 year-old victim of having fantasies about older men.

Or, maybe potential Clinton voters would like to hear that she called Gennifer Flowers, a woman whom her husband later admitted to having an affair with, "trailer trash"? If the mainstream media want to look at misogyny from a candidate, maybe they should be focusing their eye on Hillary, rather than Trump.

4. Hillary's shame campaign

Something that really left a sour taste in the mouths of many women across America was a famous quote that was repeated at one of Hillary's rallies, in another attempt to perpetually remind us of her gender: Madeleine Albright repeated the tired old adage of "there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other". This phrase is a complete and utter joke. Is there a special place in hell for me if I'm not a fan of Myra Hindley? Women aren't insects with some kind of hive mentality.

Whilst I am not one myself, I have a deep respect for the feminists coming out of the woodwork who are calling out Hillary for her awful shaming campaign. I am not a "bad woman" or a traitor to women if I do not support Hillary. I want what's best for all people no matter their race, gender or class. If I thought Hillary was the one for that job, I'd support her. I'd want a female president voted in on merit, and for her to be a good representative for women.

5. Nationalism empowers women

A Goldman Sachs employee selling Donald Trump hats put on paid leave

Donald Trump is a nationalist. It's about time we bin this Pavlovian response to the word that conjures images of little black moustaches and salutes. Any political scholar or historian can attest to the fact that the Third Reich did not invent, and certainly does not own, that word. In truth, nationalism is what has built every great society in history, including the most benevolent and tolerant societies. I must point out that there is quite the difference between ethnic and civic nationalism. Trump's dedication to all Americans lands him quite starkly on the side of the latter.

So why is this so great for women? Well, it's great for everyone. There's a reason Trump has stated "Americanism, not globalism, shall be our credo". His focus is on returning the power to make legislative decisions to the American people. Globalism exports the debate about laws and your rights to faceless bureaucrats across the world. Nationalism is what gives the individual's vote more power and more leverage.

Women fought hard for their right to vote, for their right to be a part of the national conversation. Are we really going to give that up to globalist elites at the UN or bureaucrats in Brussels simply because someone said we need to have solidarity over sharing the same genitals?

It's nonsense, and I won't stand for it. If you are a woman who is voting for Clinton because she is a woman, you've fallen prey to the Democrats' sexist ploy to earn your vote. Rise above groupthink and the lowest common denominator. Consider policies and track records of both candidates before you cast your vote. And, if you're honest with yourself, you'll admit: defending women's interests is not determined by genitalia. So, set aside the candidates' private parts and vote for the public good – shared by men and women alike. Vote for Donald J Trump.

Lauren Southern is a political sciences student and a contributor for The Rebel Media and Spiked.