Emergency services were unable to save an unnamed 69-year-old man who fell from a ladder during Storm Ciara. The incident took place in Normandy, France as the storm lashed the country on Sunday. Five rottweilers owned by the fallen man attacked him moments after he fell from the ladder. Firefighters and a specialist police unit were unable to reach the man as the dogs remained uncontrollable. Eventually, a few of the dogs had to be shot but the injured man could not be saved.

It is unknown why the resident of Acqueville town in north-western France had tried to climb a ladder during the storm. Unable to stay on the ladder, the elderly man fell down and sustained injuries. According to police sources, his five rottweiler dogs attacked him as soon as he fell down from the ladder.

In addition to injuries sustained during the fall, the dogs horrifically mauled their owner. A police spokesperson stated that the victim sustained facial injuries from the attack by the animals. The incident took place around 6 pm local time. Witnessing the attack, the man's helpless wife called emergency services. At around 8:45 pm firefighters reached 7 Avenue du Chateau. However, they were unable to reach the severely injured man as the dogs kept everyone at bay.

When the firefighters failed to rescue the victim, a specialist police unit was called in. Multiple attempts to capture or subdue the menacing animals failed. Finally, the decision was taken to shoot the uncontrollable animals.

Two of the dogs were taken inside the home by the victim's wife, after she managed to control them. Three dogs which continued to be aggressive were shot dead by the police. Once the dogs were removed or killed, the man was rushed to a hospital.

The Sun reported that the victim's wife was also taken to the hospital since she was in "a state of shock." The victim reportedly passed away at the hospital where he was being treated. His body has been sent for a post mortem to determine the cause of death.

rottweiler dog
File photo of a rottweiler dog. Phil Sangwell/Creative Commons