Neo nazi
(file photo) It isn't the first time that right-wing groups have caused trouble on the island Getty

Partygoers in Mallorca have forced out a group of neo-Nazis halfway through a live performance. The popular German singer Mia Julia was singing at the Bierkönig in the Les Meravelles district of the island when loud boos interrupted the performance.

A group of around 15 men disturbed the show for about 20 minutes as they waved the Reichskriegsflagge, the flag that the German army and later Nazi German armed forces used as their ensign.

The singer stopped her show as they shouted, "foreigners out", with the crowd responding with chants of "Nazi's out".

According to Bild, the group are from a right-wing white supremacist group called the Hammerskins.

Some of the group were from Frankfurt and are known for their violent tendencies. They were also seen wearing hats with the Nazi Reich colours - black, red and white.

As the booing intensified, staff at the club then removed the men from the building, but police who were also at the scene opted not to intervene.

The incident was filmed by someone attending the club, it was then posted to Facebook and has been viewed almost 400,000 times since it was shared on Friday 9 June.

Once the group had left the club, the gig quickly resumed with the DJ playing the anti-Nazi song Cry For Love by German band The Doctors.

It's not the first time a right-wing group has caused trouble on the island. In 2013, a similar group of people attacked foreign market traders.