Frank Underwood, House Of Cards
Frank Underwood in House of Cards Netflix


After Donald Trump was elected president in November, there were mixed emotions across the country. Since then, revelations about alleged links to Russia have diminished trust in the administration.

Before season 6 of House of Cards was released on Netflix, actress Robin Wright joked that Donald Trump had "stolen all our ideas". But one speech from the latest season is sending chills down viewers' spines.

During the sixth season of the popular Netflix show, Frank and Claire Underwood managed to manipulate their way back into the White House after a controversial election that left Americans divided.

The Machiavellian duo faced off against Republican rival Will Conway, but managed to bend the constitution to ensure their win - despite the fact that half the nation had supported Conway.

(Remember, in the land of reality, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 3 million votes over Donald Trump.)

Frank, played by Kevin Spacey, is in the process of being sworn in when he breaks the fourth wall and turns to the camera to deliver a speech that some have pointed out echoes the real-life America in 2017.

His speech reads:

Viewers have made many comparisons between the show and real life American politics. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Sparks, who plays Tom Yates in the show, talked about Donald Trump and the effect of House of Cards on viewers:

"This show has created this situation that we're in. We normalised insanity. And people are actually only interested in seeing day-after-day of ridiculous behavior."

All eyes are currently on James Comey's testimony to find out what was really said between him and Trump during FBI investigations.

So as we watch slack-jawed and bewildered, is Frank Underwood's inauguration speech a dig at Trump and those who voted for him? Decide for yourself: