After spending six months in the Speed Force prison, Barry Allen is back in Central City in The Flash season 4 premiere episode that aired this Tuesday (10 October) on The CW Network.

While Barry's return initially hit a bump as the Star Labs team were shocked to see the Speedster repeating random things such as "Nora shouldn't be here," "Your honour, I'm innocent" and "melting stars." However, when Iris is kidnapped by the new villain, Samurai, Barry comes back to his senses to save his damsel in distress fiancée.

The CW has released the promo and synopsis for the upcoming episode of The Flash, which hints at some suit related problems for Barry. Episode 2 is titled, Mixed Signals, which will air on 17 October at 8pm EST.

In the episode, Cisco's date with Gypsy will get ruined because of his work commitments, and Barry will face a new meta who can control technology.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Barry has his hands full when he takes on a dangerous meta who can control technology; Gypsy breaches in for a date with Cisco, getting annoyed when his work keeps them apart.

The promo for the episode opens with Cisco showing everyone the new Flash suit he made for Barry. He declares, "I have built a self preparing armour, nano liquid circuitry, full spectrum scanning and bunch of other big words." Later Barry asks what else the suit can do, to which Cisco give him a big book, saying that he wrote an instruction manual.

However, Barry pushes it aside saying, "I will look at it later." Later in the promo Barry asks for help saying. "The suit is freaking out. I can't get it off." Later we see Barry's suit hilariously turning into a raft as Cisco, who built the suit, explains to Joe West, "He runs on water, it seems like a smart idea at that time."

"Some upgrades have downsides," says the promo.