Donald Trump still has a chance of becoming president despite Hillary Clinton's lead in the polls, according to a top forecaster.

The situation has changed from just one month ago, when Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report predicted there was almost no chance of the GOP nominee winning the 8 November election.

However, although Cook still believes Clinton is likely to win, Trump is back in the race, despite Cook stating last month "the race is over".

"The race is in a different place than eight or nine days ago when there was virtually no path for Trump," Cook told The Hill. "So yes, like everyone else, we've revised our assessment."

Trump has seen a slight uptick in his polling numbers over the past few weeks, following the re-launch of the FBI's investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server.

He had suffered a serious setback following leaked footage of him making lewd comments about women, and accusations of sexual assault from a number of women.

But over the past few weeks he has appeared to claw back some ground, and has polled well in two of the largest swing states, Florida and Ohio.

However, Cook said the likelihood remains that Clinton will see victory at the election, with the main question being how much she will win by.

"I would say the chances of Clinton exceeding 330 electoral votes are better than Trump reaching 270," Cook added.

"To me the question is whether Clinton gets an Electoral College vote that is in or just barely above the 270s or does she clear 300. A week or two ago she had a good chance of getting 300 or more. That is now fairly unlikely."