Mevan Babakar reuniting with the aid worker who gifted her a bike 24 years ago has been the most talked story on the internet. Babakar was just five years old, when she was living at a refugee camp in Zwolle, the Netherlands after she left with her parents from Iraq during the Gulf war. The 29-year-old is now working with an independent fact-checking charity in London.

Babekar tweeted on August 12 with a picture of a man who had helped the refugees at the camp. She just wanted to know his name.

Twitter got in action and her request was retweeted multiple in a matter of time. She followed it up with another post of her childhood photo, back when she was five.

She also received comments on what will she do when she will meet him to which she had replied as mentioned in the tweet below.

After 3,000 retweets and many more messages, Babekar finally found the kind man. His name is Egbert, now living in Germany.

Without wasting further time she got all packed and went straight to meet him, she posted various images on her way to his place. She even got him a card with a person riding on a bicycle.

She didn't forget to get the mandatory selfie when she met him and discovered that he had a wonderful family. He was glad that the bike became the key to bringing them together.

Her fairy tale became the most inspiring story on Twitter and many of them even called it one of the most positive stories.

Rohingya children's drawings
A Rohingya refugee girl plays at a Codec and Unicef child-friendly space in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh Allison Joyce/Getty Images