McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl said that Formula 1 is facing difficulties when it comes to deciding when racing can be started later this year.

Reportedly, the racing authorities are considering numerous options regarding how they can start the season. The first nine races of the currently halted season have already been called off amidst the novel coronavirus crisis.

Seidl said, "There is a big desire from the public that sporting events happen again, even if it is just on TV. But there are a lot of different aspects that need to be considered. The most important thing is to protect our people, so definitely we can't go back until we know our people are safe. It will depend on the guidelines of our home countries first of all - the travel guidelines."

F1 has said that it hopes to start the current season with up to 18 or 19 races during the summer, however, Seidl emphasised on the fact that races can only begin if the global health situation allows. He also admitted that such a decision cannot be rushed.

The 44-year-old German said, "We need to wait [and see] what the different counties where the races should happen are deciding, and then we need to see what the promoters are deciding.

In case the racing dates are changed, Seidl said, the promoters should be up for it and such a decision would require making sense as far as a commercial point of view is concerned. He also said that the authorities should also pay attention to the public acceptance of events.

BBC reports that Seidl emphasised on the importance of going back to racing only when there is a certainty over the availability of protective equipment and the number of tests for people.

It must be kept in mind, he stated, that the equipment and testing facilities remain available for those who need them the most instead of burning out on options just for the sake of going back to racing.

Ferrari F1 Stephen Shaver/AFP