Foued Mohamed-Aggad
Foued Mohamed-Aggad, the third gunman identified from the Bataclan terror attacks

Islamic State (Isis) jihadists sent a "martyr text message" to the mother of one of the Bataclan jihadists, which said that "he died with his brothers". The SMS message was sent to the mother of Foued Mohamed-Aggad, one of the three terrorists who slaughtered 90 people in the now infamous concert hall on 13 November.

French media have said that Aggad was allegedly radicalised by an extremist known as Mourad Fares, who was arrested in Turkey last year after contact with a number of French citizens. Aggad is believed to have visited Syria in 2013 with a group of other radicals, including his brother, with some being killed fighting in the war-torn country.

He is thought to have stayed in Syria from 2013 until he took part in the synchronised attack in the French capital. Some members of the group he had travelled with returned to France and were arrested.

His mother instantly reported the message to French police, who searched the family home near Strasbourg on 9 December. Identified only as "Mrs Aggad", she provided police with a DNA sample which will help match with what was found at the scene.

"The SMS (text) message told her that her son had died, saying 'He died on November 13 with his brothers'. She was instantly struck by the horrific thought that he might have been one of the Bataclan suicide attackers," family lawyer, Francoise Cotta said according to the Daily Mirror.

Aggad's father, Said Mohamed-Abbad, said he had sporadic contact with his son who told his family he was "going on holiday" when he departed for Syria. He added that he would have "killed" his son had he known what he was going to do.

"What human being could do that? If I had known that one day he would do something like that, I would have killed him earlier," he told Le Parisien newspaper. "He lied to us. He led us to believe he was going on holiday, but instead went to Syria. Since 2013 I haven't been able to sleep".

He added that he had not spoken to his son in four months. All three of the gunmen who attacked innocent civilians inside the Bataclan, where the Eagles of Death Metal were playing, died in the attacks. They detonated suicide vests after shooting indiscriminately into the crowd.

Should we cease using Islamic State, Isis or Isil and begin using 'Daesh'?

IS fighters and leaders hate the word - it's an Arabic acronym of "al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi Iraq wa ash-Sham" – meaning the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams – but when spoken Daesh sounds similar to the Arabic words translating to "the sowers of discord" (Dahes) or "one who crushes underfoot" (Daes). IS threatened "to cut the tongue of anyone who publicly used the acronym Daesh, instead of referring to the group by its full name".