The father of fox attack baby Denny Dolan has published the first picture of the four-week-old wearing a heavy bandage after his finger was bitten off.

Paul Dolan uploaded to Facebook a picture of his son lying in a hospital bed, accompanied by the message "My poor boy".

Denny's mother Hayley Banks Cawley's Facebook page has been inundated with messages from wellwishers.

Denny was attacked in his cot by a fox which tore off one of his fingers and inflicted other wounds to the boy's head.

The animal got in to the family's house in the London borough of Bromley and tried to drag the tiny baby outside, before Cawley chased it off.

Her sister, Lorraine Murphy, said that Denny needed four hours of surgery at Evelina Children's Hospital to reattach the finger.

"Hayley had just gone upstairs when she heard a bang and came running down and the fox was dragging the baby towards the back door," Murphy told News Shopper.

"She kicked the fox a few times before it would release him.

"His hand was badly damaged and he had four cuts to his face, one of which had to be stitched.

"When the surgeons finished they said there was a 70 percent chance he would be able to use his hand again.

"It was so traumatic. His family are devastated. I spoke to my brother Paul at the hospital, but he couldn't even talk.

Police are investigating the incident.

A spokesman said: "We were called by staff at St Thomas's Hospital to reports a baby boy who had been admitted to hospital after being attacked by a fox.

"Police attended to find a four-week-old baby with a hand injury."