Francis Coquelin
Arsene Wenger is hoping Coquelin can make the holding midfield role his own after impressing this season. Getty Images

Francis Coquelin believes that he has a lot to prove in order to be compared to Nemanja Matic, whom he has statistically outperformed over the past few months.

Matic is regarded as the ultimate defensive midfielder who gives Chelsea shape and breaks opposition attacks before reaching the halfway mark. Coquelin has managed to perform at a similar level since being recalled into the team, which has taken Arsenal's form to nine wins in their last 10 league games.

"In football there will always be comparisons, but let's not forget he's played almost the whole season and I've played 15 games so let's not get carried away," said Coquelin.

"I am trying to give my best and the stats show good things, but you need to do it on the long-term. You can't stop and think about 15 games. Matic has played the whole season, so when we play both the whole season we will see about the stats."

Coquelin figured favourably against Manchester United's Marouane Fellaini, getting the better of the midfielder in their 2-1 win at Old Trafford in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. The France U-21 international got battered in the battle, bruising his nose in the process, but insists that he likes to get under the skin of players.

The 23-year-old is also geared up to take on Philippe Coutinho who will pose a completely different challenge when the Brazilian visits the Emirates in an early kick-off at the Emirates on Saturday.

"Fellaini was the one in my zone. It was a big battle. He's a tall guy, really strong, uses his arm quite well - on my nose as well! But it was part of the game. I like this type of game, it's a different challenge," he continued.

"Sometimes you play against small players, like this weekend against a small player like Coutinho, and sometimes against Fellaini so you need to adapt. Hopefully, we will see me close to Coutinho again at the weekend."