Frank Maloney, who has announced he is now living as a woman named Kellie. (Scott Heavey Getty)
Frank Maloney, who has announced he is now living as a woman named Kellie

Sex-change boxing promoter Frank Maloney wants to return to the sport but fears she will be rejected by ring bosses who are stuck in the past.

Maloney – who is undergoing the change from man to woman and living under the name Kellie, admitted doubts about whether the business was ready for her dramatic transformation.

Kellie Maloney said: "The British Board of Boxing Control are in a time warp. Can you imagine me walking in there dressed as a woman?"

But she admitted being driven by the urge to make history as UK's first female boxing promoter to manage a British champion.

Maloney told the Mirror she missed boxing and that the business had "kept her sane" during her identity crisis. She previously revealed she used her high-profile job in the public eye to save up the cash to pay for the sex change.

But it will be a big step to take, especially returning to the macho world of professional fighting.

"I'd like to go back in there to prove them all wrong because I know I could do it.

"I'd like to put to use all my years of knowledge in boxing and what I have learnt from my recent experience and get a role on the British Boxing Board of Control.

"Nobody can ever deny what I have achieved as the only man to manage a British world heavyweight champion.

"Now I would like to be the only female to guide the next generation of future British champions."

"[With] the decades of experience in boxing I have gained I would be able to add a lot to the British Boxing Board of Control and help them step out of the past and into the future.

"It is the sport that has kept me sane through my darkest days and I'd like to give it something back."

Some offers have come in since going public about her gender change, said Maloney. And she insisted her old skills remain in place following a year away from the ring and emotional problems.

"I've not had a brain transplant. I'm like a chocolate bar and all I am doing is changing the outer wrapping that God got wrong at birth," she told the Mirror.