A French mayor has introduced a ban on burkinis and other Muslim veils, even though such rulings were made illegal last year.

Gerard Tardy, the mayor of Lorette, has introduced the ban at a new outdoor swimming area.

The new swimming park opened on the 23 June. It includes two swimming areas and a beach.

But a series of strict rules have seen a ban on various garments, part of the rules say users must "have decent attire and a correct attitude".

It also includes the line: "On the beach monokinis, burkinis, veils that partially or totally conceal the face are banned."

A number of other items have been banned including snorkelling, loose-fitting board shorts and dogs.

The ban comes despite a ruling in 2016 that stated such moves were "a serious and illegal attack on fundamental freedoms".

At the time, the French Council of the Muslim Faith hailed the ruling as "a victory for common sense".

But the fresh ban has faced derision from a number of people including Aldo Oumouden, the spokesman for the Grand Mosque in the nearby city of Saint Etienne. Oumouden said: "Wanting to ban the veil in this swimming area is an attack on the individual freedom of Muslims."

"The mayor does not realise that this decision will further increase stigma. It is not only unnecessary but also devastating for community harmony."

Mayor Tardy has been strict on Muslims in his district before. During Ramadan celebrations in 2016, he asked them to worship "without making any noise".