A condom
Freshers learn about sexual consent in workshops held by charity Sexpression Getty Images

Freshers are being advised on what counts as sexual consent through a series of workshops at university.

According to charity Sexpression, who developed the scheme, students at the age of 18 need guidance on where sexual boundaries lie to stop sexual harassment and assaults happening on campus.

But the response from students up and down the country has been mixed with some finding the advice "patronising".

Speaking to Sky News, Cambridge student Ben Froughi said: "It touches on whether you trust the ordinary person to know whether sex is correct in that moment or not. We don't need this now. You need it when you're 15 when you're first exploring your sexuality. They probably don't know. But adults know and we are adults here."

But York student Jonny Long said: "If guys have to suck it up and may feel a bit patronised, that's much better than girls having to suffer unwanted advances."

Defending the consent sessions, Jennifer Dhingra from Sexpression, said: "What we really want to get across is that consent is an ever-changing thing. Depending on the scenario, your consent can change or be withdrawn at any moment."

Sexpression is a student organisation that empowers young people to make decisions about sex and relationships.

One in five students say they were victims of harassment during freshers' week, according to statistics from the National Union of Students.