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We have all been there... that moment of desperation in a crucial exam... your mind goes blank... the bell indicating the end of the exam is only minutes away... and in panic you simply circle random figures, write the first words that come to your head and hope you have done enough!

Sometimes, of course, it is. Some other times, unfortunately, it is far from enough. On the latter occasion, at the very least, we offer our examiners a few chuckle-worthy moments.

A group of teachers from the UK and the US have taken to posting the funniest exam answers they have ever seen on this Web site - www.funnyexam.com.

The site has loads of hilarious answers, ranging from calling Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite to circling "X", when asked to find the variable designated by that letter in a mathematics problem.

A look at the 10 funniest answers given by students so far...