An innovative photographer at the Group of Seven summit found a quirky alternative way to capture the leaders in action: a mini video camera fixed to his professional stills camera.

His footage shows the G7 leaders in conversation ahead of a round table discussion, and gives an insight into the way photographers and camera crews were hastily ushered out of the room before the group settled down to business.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the host for this week's G7 summit, which saw the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the United States join her at a luxury resort in the Bavarian Alps for two days of talks ending on Monday (8 June).

A key topic on the German agenda was tacking climate change, with former "climate chancellor" Merkel hoping to build momentum in the run-up to a major United Nations climate summit in Paris in December.

In a joint communique issued at the end of the summit, the G7 leaders pledged to develop long-term low-carbon strategies and abandon fossil fuels by the end of the century.