As the 2019 holiday season approaches, major tech manufacturers have already showcased their wares. Flagship smartphones such as the iPhone 11, Galaxy Fold, Pixel 4, OnePlus 7T Pro, among others are now available for purchase. After delaying its planned debut, Motorola is finally set to introduce the new Razr in less than two weeks from now. While most consumers are probably feeling nostalgic looking at the promotional images and leaked photos of the upcoming device, Samsung has other plans. It seems like rumours about the Galaxy Fold 2 might be true as the company teases its own clamshell folding phone.

The report comes from T3, which touches upon the unexpected reveal at the 2019 Samsung Developers Conference in San Jose, California. Shortly after the Galaxy Fold was released over a month ago, insiders hinted at a follow-up foldable smartphone already in the works. As indicated by reportedly reliable sources, the second-generation model will abandon the tablet form factor in favour of a more compact design.

According to those who were in attendance during the event, Samsung dedicated a short section of its presentation to showcase its new concept. Those interested can also view the short clip on YouTube as it offers a glimpse of what the new smartphone can do.

The footage clearly shows a device with a flexible display that folds like a traditional clamshell handset. Furthermore, it seems that elements on the screen will adapt to the configuration and orientation of the alleged Galaxy Fold 2.

In addition to the dynamic interface, the video reveals a punch-hole camera dead centre near the top of the display. Unfortunately, that is as far as the details go, because Samsung did not include an angle that could have been verified if the device has a secondary screen. However, industry analysts claim that it might be a likely feature.

Earlier this month, an article talked about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and its new technology. Sources suggest the latest model might use flexible ultra-thin glass (UTG). The material is supposedly resistant to scratches and will give the smartphone a premium vibe that plastic cannot provide. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if this clamshell concept even makes it out-of-the-concept phase.

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