A conservative Anglican organisation, Gafcon, has described the appointment of Nicholas Chamberlain as the bishop of Grantham as a "major error".

"The clear biblical teaching in the Church of England on sin and salvation, human personhood, singleness, sex and marriage is being eroded and conformed to the values of secular society," a statement released by the organisation said.

Chamberlain disclosed his sexuality in an interview on Friday (2 September) and Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, confirmed that he was aware Chamberlain was gay and in a long-term relationship.

However, Gafcon has claimed that there was "an element of secrecy" to Chamberlain's ordination, saying that it "gave the impression that it had been arranged with the aim of presenting the church with a 'fait accompli'".

"We remain opposed to the guidelines for clergy and Bishops, permitting them to be in same-sex relationships as long as they publicly declare that the relationship is not sexual," the statement continues.

Chamberlain said that people knew he was gay before he became a bishop and that he "understands and respects" the feelings of those who oppose his appointment.

"I hope that we are all part of God's people together," he told the BBC. "I never thought that I would be on the front page of a newspaper or indeed in the news in this way, because my sexuality is part of who I am, rather than the whole of who I am."

Although he is in a long-term relationship, Chamberlain has said that he is celibate.