The Facebook profile of Gemma Barker victim Jessica Sayers shows just how woven into her life the cross-dressing convict and her alter-egos had become.

A plethora of status updates aimed at her "boyfriend" Connor McCormack are plastered across Sayers's timeline early in 2010.


McCormack however, turned out to be her friend, Gemma Barker, who dressed up as boys, created fake Facebook accounts as them and attempted to be sexually active with girls in her school.

Sayers was one of two victims of autistic Barker. The other girl - unnamed - unknowingly went out with another Barker alter-ego, Aaron Lampard.


Such was the complexity of Barker's subterfuge that she created intricate backstories for each of her false identities and even created friends for Connor.

"Lampard" was dating Sayers's best friend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, who had in turn set her up with "McCormack". The girl was friendly with Lampard and even engaged in three-way Facebook conversations with the couple.


The girls said in court that Barker would have sleepovers with both of them and ask them about their taste in boys.

It was then that Barker seized her opportunity and became the boys that her friends wanted. Her lawyer told the jury she had "wanted to become the perfect boy" for them.

Sayers told The Sun that she never expected for a moment that "he" was Gemma Barker nor had she any reason to believe that he wasn't who he said he was.

Connor was not found out to be Barker until he was strip-searched by police while in custody. Sayers told This Morning that she felt no shame about her mistake.

She said: "If CID couldn't spot he was a girl straight away how could a 15-year-old girl ?"

Barker was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Gemma Barker Victim: How Girl Dressed as Boy Fooled Everyone