Ed Miliband and Peter Robinson
DUP leader Peter Robinson and Labour leader Ed Miliband speak during a visit in January Getty

The DUP can "do business" with Ed Miliband after the general election, according to the party's Westminster leader.

Nigel Dodds said his party could "do business" with either David Cameron or Miliband after the result of the May election.

But the Belfast North MP stressed that the DUP would judge what is in "the best interests for the UK as a whole".

"Unionism has worked in the past with Labour governments and we've worked in the past with Conservative governments back in the 70s," he told the New Statesman.

"Indeed, the Ulster Unionist Party propped up the Callaghan administration. But it remains to be seen. We are certainly not in the pocket of either party and we're certainly in a position where we're able to negotiate with both of them."

Dodds also revealed that he supported Labour's plan to abolish the so called "bedroom tax", otherwise known as the government's controversial spare-room subsidy.

"We don't believe the bedroom tax being imposed on existing tenants is fair or reasonable and we think it's caused undue hardship, so we would like to see that abolished right across the board," he explained.

The comments come after former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond suggested that a Labour-SNP coalition government after May is still on the cards.

He told IBTimes UK that he would push for an end to the renewal of the Trident nuclear defence system and champion a Living Wage across the UK.

The latest opinion poll from YouGov for The Sun, with less than 100 days to go before the general election, put Labour on 34%, the Tories on 33%, Ukip on 14% and the Liberal Democrats on 7%.