Fadi Fawaz
Fadi Fawaz says he can finally grieve now that the cause of George Michael's death is confirmed Tim P Whitby/Getty Images

George Michael's boyfriend Fadi Fawaz has revealed how "wonderful" he feels after the Wham! star's cause of death was confirmed.

After several weeks of waiting for toxicology test results, a senior coroner for Oxfordshire determined that Michael died of natural causes due to a dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver. Fawaz, who dated Michael for five years and discovered his body on Christmas Day (25 December), has now expressed his relief that rumours surrounding the Careless Whisper singer's death can be put to rest.

According to the Mail Online, Fawaz said while speaking outside of Michael's Regent's Park home on 7 March: "I feel wonderful. Yes, of course I am happy, that the truth is out and that no one is doubting. I am very happy. Because first of all, the truth is out and I am not getting doubted anymore from the world. And I am happy now he can rest, and we can rest as well."

Fawaz has received criticism over his behaviour and comments since Michael's death but is ready to put the ordeal behind him. He said: "It was really painful to feel I was doubted. It was very painful, but now it is all good. And I am sure George is happy, now that everything is out. We can move forward. I am not going to leave it behind me. It has been really, really tough and upsetting, and shocking – two-and-a-half months."

The celebrity hairdresser also stated that he has no intentions of becoming famous and is keen to revert back to the private lifestyle he enjoyed while dating the musician. Michael's family are now able to go ahead with funeral arrangements for Michael and, despite allegations he was banned from the service, Fawaz plans to attend. The stylist told reporters: "To have the funeral, and just sit back and look at things. I can let go. I can try to let go from all the bad news.

George Michael
An Oxfordshire coroner has determined that George Michael died of natural causes Getty Images

"I demand some love from the world that I didn't get in the last two-and-a-half months. And that is all I can say really for today. Now I can grieve. Now that I am left alone, I can grieve. I have not been able to because I had so much to deal with. That is the truth. Now I can start grieving, and going through my thing without being looked at in a funny way, you know. It was painful walking the street and getting funny looks."