Feminists in Georgia to Hold Anti-Virginity Rally
Feminists in Georgia to Hold Anti-Virginity Rally - Facebook Picture

Scores of feminists in Georgia are planning a rally to end the "institution of virginity" in a country which is deeply rooted in Orthodox Christianity.

A group of campaigners have said they will hold a demonstration in front of the National Forensics Bureau (NFB) in the capital Tbilisi.

Reports suggest hundreds of women in the country are increasingly forced to undergo virginity tests before their marriage in the former Soviet nation.

Local media claim the NFB is central to the practice, offering virginity tests for 175 lari (£69).

The Independent Feminists Group, which is planning to protest against such tests, said these measures are "ugly and humiliating practices" which "directly attack the woman's fundamental right - to be free in their choice.

On the group's Facebook page, nearly 500 people have said they are willing to take to the streets.

Reports have also suggested that many women are undergoing hymen restoration surgery, or humenoplasty, before they tie the knot. There are no official statistics on the number of surgeries performed, however the figures are reportedly rising.

The soon-to-be-brides are frequently accompanied by relatives or fiancée for the medical tests. Eka Chavleishvilli, who works for the NFB, told Imedi TV: "In many cases, they [relatives/fiancée] leave very happy when they find out the truth - that is, if the truth is acceptable to them."