Following the breakdown of the relationship between FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique and Colombian pop star Shakira, speculations about a third party started to swirl. Months later, Pique has boldly come out in public with his new girlfriend and has inadvertently revealed her Instagram account as well.

The former couple officially announced their split back in June, and last month, the Barcelona defender has been confirmed to be in a relationship with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti.

It was initially difficult to gather information about the young PR student, who had wiped out her social media accounts. However, a few weeks ago, the new couple threw caution to the wind and attended a concert out in public together. They were also seen in a tight embrace and were even photographed sharing a kiss.

Following the PDA, Pique has now revealed what could be his ladylove's new Instagram account. The footballer made some changes on his own Instagram account on Monday, and eagle-eyed fans noticed something important.

A simple search of the name "Clara" on the list of accounts he follows would reveal that he has recently started to follow @clarachia5.

Apart from that, Pique also changed his profile photo and deleted some photos. However, he did not wipe Shakira off his page, with numerous photos of the two of them still up on his account.

In any case, paparazzi have now started to hound Clara Chia, who is reported to have been spotted working during events organised by Pique's Kosmos Holding in the past. Previous reports have claimed that the two may have been having an affair as far back as 2019, when they were seen together during the Davis Cup in Madrid.

According to Marca, the young woman's parents are "uncomfortable" with the situation and the publicity that their daughter is now attracting. The Spanish outlet also claimed that the World Cup winner and PR student have already moved in together.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Colombian singer Shakira and FC Barcelona's soccer player Gerard Pique pose during a photocall presenting her new album "Shakira" in Barcelona Reuters / Albert Gea Reuters / Albert Gea